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Engineered Value Delivered

With solar energy gaining significant momentum every day, we, team Neopulse Energy is here to help you with building the most efficient and cost-effective solar PV plant that delivers optimized performance and meets the specific needs of the project and its stakeholders.

With in-depth knowledge of Solar technologies, system components, and their integration, we bring new energy every day for you to deliver sustainable clean power for a better tomorrow

We are
Neopulse Energy

We are Neopulse. Our team is deeply committed to advancing clean energy and driving decarbonization efforts. With our profound expertise in the renewable energy sector, encompassing utility-scale, rooftop, and floating solar power plants, as well as battery energy storage systems, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by our valued customers.


Recognizing that delays and errors in design and engineering activities can hinder project progress, we prioritize the timely delivery of superior design and engineering solutions. By providing optimal quantities, we empower our clients to secure projects and execute them with utmost efficiency.


At the core of our capabilities lies a highly skilled team of engineers specializing in various disciplines, including DC electrical, AC electrical, mechanical, civil, and  instrumentation. Collaborating seamlessly, they unite their expertise to ensure the seamless success of every project we undertake.


Delivering Flawless Engineering

for your projects through the best of renewable engineering solutions

EPC Contractors:

Ensure optimized cost for your project execution through our value engineering

Renewable Developers:

Enjoy the best LCoE and increased performance for your projects through our optimized design and engineering services

Optimized Engineering Solutions

for all types of Solar and Storage Installations


Utility Scale Solar

Our expertise in utility-scale solar design services centers on maximizing the energy output while minimizing costs per kWh.

Floating Solar

Our team of experienced engineers and designers is dedicated to creating floating solar solutions that are optimized for each client's energy needs. We understand the complexity of floating solar systems, including the importance of anchoring design to ensure the system stays afloat. Our anchoring design takes into consideration the type of water body, water currents, winds, and wave patterns to ensure the stability of the floating solar system.


Rooftop Solar

Our design and engineering services company specializes in providing customized rooftop solar solutions that can be tailored to different types of roofs, including flat or sloped, metal or concrete.


Our team of experienced engineers and designers utilizes advanced software and simulation tools to design and optimize the BESS capacity sizing for a particular application. Whether it's Lithium-Ion, Flow Batteries, or any other storage technology, we recommend and design BESS solutions that provide the most optimum energy storage capacity, highest performance, and maximum reliability.


Power Evacuation & Distribution

We specialise in providing comprehensive engineering & design solutions for substation and switchyards delivering competitive design services for projects across different voltage levels, from medium voltage (MV) to high voltage (HV) and extra-high voltage (EHV).

Specialized Expertise and Objective Guidance

at every stage of project lifecycle. 


Pre-Tendering Stage


Tender Stage


Post-Tendering Stage


Operations & Maintenance

Delivering sustainable solutions to address our clients' intricate challenges

based on our specialized knowledge and extensive experience


Regus office center services

Olympia Technology Park, Level - 2, Altius Block, No.1, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Chennai - 600032




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