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Optimized Engineering Solutions 

For all types of solar, storage and power evacuation installations

Utility Scale Solar

Leading The Way towards Renewable Energy

At our company, we specialize in providing design and engineering services for utility-scale solar power projects. We work with clients across various niches, including utility companies, developers, government organizations, and commercial and industrial customers.


Our expertise in utility-scale solar design services centers on maximizing the energy output while minimizing costs per kWh. Our in-depth knowledge of various technologies like bifacial modules,  tracker structures, central inverter skid stations etc. helps us in designing the best system for our customers. We achieve this by leveraging cutting-edge software and in-house expertise to develop solar projects that deliver on all fronts - economics, engineering, and quality.


Our solar plant designs are also scalable, allowing our customers to realize incremental energy production, lower risk profiles, and quicker payback periods. We understand the importance of project financing, and we work closely with our clients to implement solar projects that meet their budgetary and timeline requirements. In addition, our design services prioritize compliance with regulatory requirements and environmental standards.

Utility Scale Solr

Floating Solar Design and Engineering Services

Customized Solutions for Sustainable Energy Generation

Our team of experienced engineers and designers is dedicated to creating floating solar solutions that are optimized for each client's energy needs. We use advanced software and industry best practices to design optimal floating solar systems that maximize energy production while minimizing environmental impact.


We understand the complexity of floating solar systems, including the importance of anchoring design to ensure the system stays afloat. Our anchoring design takes into consideration the type of water body, water currents, winds, and wave patterns to ensure the stability of the floating solar system. 


Another important component in a floating solar power plant design is the right selection of floats that are durable, UV resistant, and suitable for use in the marine environment. Optimum layout preparation of the floats to ensure safe access of modules and other components during operations and maintenance is also very important. Designing the solar system for marine environment needs careful considerations of the impact of water which we are good at. 


We provide end-to-end engineering services that cover every aspect of the floating solar system. Our services include site surveys, basic engineering, detailed engineering drawings, blueprints, etc. 


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help design and engineer a floating solar system specific to your business needs and goals.


Rooftop Solar Design and Engineering Services

Providing Tailor-made Solutions for solarising your roofs

Our design and engineering services company specializes in providing customised rooftop solar solutions that can be tailored to different types of roofs, including flat or sloped, metal or concrete. Our design process involves a thorough shading analysis, which informs panel placements and structure design to maximize energy production. We use advanced software and industry best practices to design optimal solar systems that mimimise levelised cost of energy. Deep knowledge on various technologies suitable for rooftop solar systems like string inverters, micro inverters, rooftop walkways etc helps us in designing the best possible system for your roof. 


Our services include site surveys, basic and detailed engineering, blueprints, etc. We ensure that our design meets all regulatory requirements and standards. 


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help design and engineer a solar system specific to your needs and goals.


Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Customized Design and Engineering Services for Reliable and Sustainable Energy Storage

Our team of experienced engineers and designers utilizes advanced software and simulation tools to design and optimize the BESS capacity sizing for a particular application. Choosing the right battery technology is crucial for the success of any BESS project. Our team has the expertise to guide you in selecting the right battery technology to power your project. Whether it's Lithium-Ion, Flow Batteries, or any other storage technology, we recommend and design BESS solutions that provide the most optimum energy storage capacity, highest performance, and maximum reliability.


We understand the importance of system integration in BESS solutions. We undertake detailed system integration design, including cooling and fire fighting system design which are important for the safe operation of BESS systems. 


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help design and engineer a BESS solution tailored to your business needs and goals.


Power Evacuation & Distribution

Customized Design and Engineering Services for Reliable, Efficient & Sustainable Power System

Substation Design: We specialize in providing comprehensive engineering & design solutions for substations and switchyards. Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced engineers with a deep understanding of substation design principles, industry standards, and best practices. This enables us to deliver competitive design services for projects across different voltage levels, from medium voltage (MV) to high voltage (HV) and extra-high voltage (EHV). With access to the latest software tools, we deliver precise, efficient, and innovative solutions while minimizing errors and optimizing project outcomes.


Transmission Line: Our team of engineers utilizes cutting-edge software and state-of-the-art technology to design transmission line towers that meet specific project requirements. We consider factors such as tower clearances, kV ratings, conductor tension, wind loads, seismic conditions, and more to ensure a robust and reliable design. Our structural analysis services assess the tower's integrity and performance under various environmental conditions. We conduct rigorous analyses, including wire loads, wind loads, and seismic evaluation, to guarantee the tower's stability and longevity. We understand that each transmission line project is unique. Therefore, we provide tailored solutions that align with the client's specific needs, adhering to international codes and standards.

power evacuation
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